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    Indie Danielle Creative is the solo venture of portrait photographer and graphic designer, Indie "Danielle" Jones.

    Passionate about photography since her childhood, Danielle loves capturing the essence of a person through her camera's eye. She strives to build a portfolio full of happy families, sweet babies, smiling faces, big personalities and cherished moments. Danielle hopes she can encourage everyone to be present in photos, because that photo will one day be your family's most treasured possession. Danielle documents life daily through both digital and film, capturing life's rituals, as well as her imaginary world. Don't be surprised if Danielle is carrying a camera when you meet her – she takes it with her wherever she goes!

    In addition to her passion for all things photography-related, Danielle loves spending time on her other obsession – design! With well over ten-years of professional design experience and a solid fine arts education (BFA, Savannah College of Art and Design), Danielle has had the pleasure of working in both agency and in-house environments. She is a well-rounded designer who always works hard with a smile!

    Indie Danielle Creative is open for business and is looking for new faces to capture and design challenges to take on!

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  • Likes
    the ocean, the mountains, traveling, learning, eating, music, food, technology, mom life, her sweet pups, all things design-related, darkroom printing, DIY, halloween, crafty-cool creations, pottery, the smell of rain, ice cream, elvis and vintage, classic & toy cameras.

    unemployment, chain restaurants, phonies, dishonesty, poor grammar, dry hands, not having enough book shelves, brussels sprouts, turn signals left on, office politics, awkward silences, unfinished craft projects, wipers squeaking on a dry windshield and a nervous stomach.

    Danielle wants to learn more about
    metal-smithing, web development, advanced printmaking, organic farming, sewing, ceramics, film & animation, architecture, strobism, art history.

    Frequently asked questions
    Question 1) Is your name really Indie?
    Answer: Although I tend to go by my middle name more than my first – yes, it's on my birth certificate! It's a family name – my mother's name as well as my great-grandmother's name, and no one really knows where the name came from but I like it! It's definitely unique.

    Question 2) Is that your natural hair color?
    Answer: Of course! Just take a look at my mom and you will no longer have any doubt!